# Cagn TreeView

This widget is listed as flutter_treeview on pub.dev.

# Overview

The TreeView is hierarchical data widget for your flutter apps. It offers a number of options for customizing the appearance and handling user interaction. It also offers some convenience methods for importing data into the tree.

# Description

This TreeView widget can be used to display hierarchical data in your project. Examples are:

  • directory structures
  • organization charts
  • nested screen relationships
  • inheritance trees, etc.

This widget uses a controller to manage the data. This allows the user to manipulate the data outside of the Flutter widget build method. The data must be a list of type Node. Each node can have its own children list of type Node, thus creating the nested structure. The appearance of the TreeView can be controlled using a TreeViewTheme.

# Features

  • Separately customize child and parent labels
  • Add any icon to a node
  • Build node display with default or custom builder
  • Attach data object to each tree node
  • Choose from different expander icons and several modifiers for adjusting shape, outline, and fill.
  • Import data from a Map
  • Includes ability to handle expandChange, tap, and double tap user interactions
  • Includes convenience methods for adding, updating and deleting nodes

# Usage

To use this package, add flutter_treeview as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

# API Reference

The complete API reference can be found here (opens new window).

Last Updated: 7/4/2021, 9:37:01 PM